A life coach changed my life

I know it sounds hyperbolic and a little clichéd but I’m putting it out there because I want everyone to know about this wonderful catalyst for growth and change.

My life coach is Jess Lowe. In addition to being a gifted listener and facilitator of amazing life changes, she’s also a fertility and wellness coach and a certified hypnobirthing practitioner.

I linked up with Jess through a very inspiring friend, Anna, who has recently become a life coach herself. As part of the course, students are required to source pro-bono clients (ie guinea pigs) to practise their new found skills on. Anna asked me if I would put my name in the pro-bono pool and I thought, ‘why not? Can’t hurt can it?’

To be honest though, I was pretty sceptical. Sure I was stuck in a rut and feeling totally disempowered at work but I’d managed to overcome depression in the past so I figured I didn’t really need a ‘life coach’, and besides… What exactly is a life coach!? It sounded a little bit too self-helpy. Nevertheless, I’m very open-minded and keen to try new things so I dutifully filled out the form and sent it in.

What happened next was amazing. I set up regular phone dates with Jess and over the course of six sessions she proceeded to completely change my perspective on life. Her gift for listening and interpreting is peerless. Jess helped me to take a series of actions that lifted me out of my rut and energised me in a way I’ve not felt for years. Her power lies in her ability to help you see your true, inner self and form new positive beliefs about your ability to be who you really want to be.

To be honest, Jess was the catalyst I’d been needing for years. It wasn’t so much Jess that changed my life but me. I took all the action. I shifted my perspective. I formed new beliefs. Jess just helped me to see that I could do it.


6 thoughts on “A life coach changed my life

  1. Reblogged this on Path to Birth and commented:
    I was really humbled and grateful to Alex for her wonderful post about our experience working together.

    I get such joy from what I do, and I glad that through doing it I am also able to give such joy!

    Alex is one of those clients who is a dream to work with – she was poised for change, and looking for some direction to take it….once she had that she flew! I see amazing things ahead for this amazing woman! 🙂

    If you want a perspective on how working with a coach might help you to move from a place of disappointment and feeling stuck to one where you have taken back the reigns check out what she has to say in her latest post!

    Alex has a wonderful blogging voice, and her blog largely focuses on her experience on the other side of this crazy ride to parenthood – her advice on post natal depression, breast feeding, dealing with chronic infant reflux and tongue ties is such a valuable resource to new mums – if you know someone who might benefit from reading ‘Swings and Roundabouts’ please share it!

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