About me

I’m a mama of two beautiful girls, N (November 2011) and A (March 2013). Motherhood has turned out to be both my greatest challenge and my greatest reward, but not in any of the ways I was expecting.

My first was unable to latch on to the breast without nipple shields and had to be supplemented after every feed. I eventually weaned her completely at 10 months, although she had been mostly formula fed for a very long time. I am still filled with deep regret that I was unable to exclusively breastfeed my beautiful baby.

My second completely trashed my nipples within 48 hours, to the point that they were black and blistered and nearly fell off. She also presented with extreme reflux symptoms from two weeks of age. Through an exhaustive process we discovered that her reflux was due to multiple food protein intolerances, a lip tie and posterior tongue tie and an immature oesophageal sphincter.

I’m writing this blog in the hope that our story can provide some insight and information for any other desperate mama obsessively Googling the same search terms in the middle of the night that I was. I suffered from post-natal depression as a direct result of my experiences, not to mention a massive blow to my confidence and even to my sense of self. I would love to save even just one other mama from the pain and suffering I went through.

Coming out of this experience has sent me on a bit of a journey of growth and change. I felt like I was stuck in a rut, lost and directionless. As I start to find my way out of the fog I’ll post any insights I feel are worth sharing.

If you read through these pages and something strikes a chord, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email with your questions.

Me and my family but the very talented Katie Anne Photography (http://www.katieannephotography.com.au/)

Me and my family by the very talented Katie Anne Photography (http://www.katieannephotography.com.au/)

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Your two sound like my three. All tongue tied (my oldest was also lip tied), all have silent relux and the younger two have a milk protein allergy/intolletence. I think my first probably did too but I didn’t know enough back then. It would explain the 6 months of constant screaming I’m looking forwards to reading on…

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and can relate to many of your experiences so thanks for sharing. Our eldest had severe colic and ?silent reflux due to multiple food intolerances and our youngest also has multiple food intolerances. Our family life is a series of food challenges and I have a love-hate relationship with food diaries! But parenting is a joy despite it all. I’ve recently started my own blog about the whole food fiasco. You can read it at http://tummywars.wordpress.com. I only mention it because I’ve so enjoyed reading about your experiences. It helps to realise you’re not the only one!

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